Sofa bed, pros and cons

Sofa bed is a versatile piece of furniture, suitable for small spaces but also has some disadvantages such as being heavy and uncomfortable. Here are the points homeowners need to consider before buying a sofa bed.

  1. Multifunction
    The first advantage of a sofa bed is its versatility. It is both a seat and can be converted into a bed when needed, thereby saving space. Homeowners will also reduce costs compared to buying separate sofas and beds.
  2. Many styles and sizes
    The market has many types of sofa beds, so you can easily choose to suit the overall look of your house or apartment. Sofa beds are also diverse in size, homeowners can choose the type for one or two people depending on their needs. You can also ask the store to make a custom size.
  3. Good alternative solution
    Compared to a mattress on the floor, a sofa bed is a compact and comfortable solution. In addition, unlike a mattress, homeowners do not need to find a place to store it because it can become a piece of furniture to help complete the living space.
  4. Heavy
    Multifunctional furniture is often heavy and so are sofa beds. When buying this item, the owner may have difficulty in transporting from the ground floor to the desired location.
  5. Not as comfortable as the bed
    Although more comfortable than other options such as cushions or mats on the floor, a sofa bed is still not as good as a regular bed. If the need to lie down is a priority, homeowners should consider buying a bed instead of a sofa bed.
  6. Difficult to use
    Over time, the sofa bed frame can be degraded making pulling out, folding into the sofa bed an obstacle for users. This framework can also be damaged due to overuse, improper storage or carelessness during transportation.