Color is predicted to take the throne in 2022

Sherwin-Williams, a 100-year-old paint company in the US, chooses Evergreen Fog (fog green) as its “Color of the Year 2022”. Evergreen Fog is described by Sherwin-Williams as a green-gray color inspired by nature. To select this color, the company’s team of color and design experts analyzed an assortment of trending colors.

Màu Evergreen Fog (trên tường) được Sherwin-Williams chọn làm Màu của năm 2022. Ảnh: Sherwin-Williams

Evergreen Fog (on the wall) was chosen by Sherwin-Williams as the “Color of the Year” 2022. Photo: Sherwin-Williams

“Evergreen Fog is a color that gives a space a subtle yet dramatic effect,” says Sue Wadden, Sherwin-Williams color marketing manager. “It helps us feel fresher and is a great choice for both modern interiors and exteriors.”

According to Wadden, Evergreen Fog is suitable for spaces that need a “renewable feel” such as homes, hotel rooms, restaurants and offices. Particularly for houses, homeowners can use this color for every area, from the living room to the bathroom. Evergreen Fog is easy to combine with natural materials and black or metallic colors like champagne, bronze.

Sắc xanh xám của Evergreen Fog phù hợp với nhiều không gian nhà ở, từ phòng đến nhà tắm. Ảnh: Sherwin-Williams

Evergreen Fog’s gray-green color is suitable for many residential spaces, from rooms to bathrooms. Photo: Sherwin-Williams

In the past, shades of green and gray have been chosen several times by Sherwin-Williams as “Color of the Year”. For example, in 2012, the company launched Argyle turquoise. In 2013, it was Aloe’s turn, light mint color. Last year, the dark gray Urbane Bronze took the throne.