48m square apartment of a young female doctor in Paris with many interesting things inside

Despite the small area, the apartment has a lot of interesting things in design and decoration.

Nancy’s current living space is the result of renovation from a dark and old apartment, built in the 50s of the last century. The apartment is about 48m² with a cheerful and diverse look. Although the area is a bit modest, it contains many interesting things inside.

Apartment layout.

The first is the impressive entrance space thanks to the color contrast. It is also because of this interesting use of color that you forget about its limited area.

The shoes cabinet is located at the end with a wall-mounted design, wooden doors combined with a very unique lattice rattan net. Here, Nancy also placed 2 more shiny copper-plated metal frame wall mirrors, striking against the green wall background.

It looks very attractive right from the entrance of the apartment.

The kitchen continues to be designed with contrasting colors between white and red earth. To create harmony inside the kitchen space, Nancy also chose to use a marble kitchen table of the same color. Kitchen accessories such as faucets, shelves or kettles are all copper in color.

The kitchen is designed with white and red as the main color.

From materials to accessories in the kitchen, Nancy was also selected in tune with the main color.

The kitchen cabinet system was also chosen by her very scientifically. Bamboo and rattan mesh kitchen cabinets combined with 3-tier open shelves provide a small storage space. In addition, the curved open shelf design also helps to soften the lines of the kitchen, avoiding the heavy feeling that the kitchen cabinet system often brings.

Open shelving design brings soft lines inside the kitchen.

The rest of the kitchen is the dining space. Different from the kitchen area, thanks to the use of bright colors and the position next to the window, the dining room area becomes more eye-catching and spacious.

Nice little dining area next to the window.

Oval dining table combined with L-shaped chairs close to the wall. Not only bringing comfort when sitting, this small corner is also very suitable for moments of rest and relaxation.

The dining area brings a pleasant and comfortable feeling to the users.

The living room is not large but has a very unique design. First of all, the furniture selected by Nancy. 1 set of soft sofas and 2 relaxing chairs made of bamboo and rattan material. Due to the stressful and busy nature of work, Nancy always wants to fully enjoy the rest of her time at home. And these two bamboo and rattan chairs completely meet that need.

The living room is small but has a very unique design.

The decoration in the living room will also make you pay attention. Decorative mirrors stand out against the brown arched wall.

The design of decorative wall mirrors in the living room is impressive and rich in aesthetics.

The domed design is also used by Nancy for storage space in the living room. The textured wallpaper background combined with open shelves and gray cabinets provide a small artistic corner in the living room.

Impressive design of the storage space inside the living room.

This space is also a small corner to display Nancy’s favorite items.

The small bedroom is located at the end of the apartment. Although using indigo blue to create accents, the space is still bright and comfortable thanks to the large window next to it. The headboard area is also not monotonous when it has a dome-shaped design and above are 2 open bookshelves.

Small and cozy bedroom.

The bathroom is a contrasting space of white and moss green patches. This color palette brings a feeling of freshness and comfort, making it a perfect choice for the bathroom. Beautifully veined marble slabs or irregular tile patterns are all highlights that add interest to a small living space.

The bathroom space is small but feels fresh and refreshing.

(Source: pufikhomes)