Renovating the old 28m2 apartment into 4 sleeping spaces

The 60-year-old apartment has just been renovated by its owner in Shenzhen into a comfortable accommodation for four people.

A single mom in Shenzhen, China lives with her mother and sister in an old 60-year-old apartment of 28 square meters. Before the renovation, the apartment was old and cramped, with no private toilet. The architect broke the wall separating the house in two, renovating the surrounding wall. The furniture is designed not only to perform the main function, but also to be a smart storage place. Although the house is small, the entire space is divided into a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and a study place for her 18-year-old daughter Quan Quan.

Entering from the main door is a system of multi-purpose storage cabinets, 5.5 m long, 3 m high and 65 cm deep. This cabinet performs at the same time functions such as: mirror, shoe cabinet, rest chair, storage cabinet combined with additional space for a washing machine and refrigerator.

The cabinet is large and long, so it can hold a large amount of daily utensils and clothes for a family of four. Behind the cabinets are many drawers and drawers.

The entire interior of the house uses a white and brown color palette, bringing an airy and light feeling to the space. The house is small but full of natural light.

The kitchen and toilet are right next to the closet. Because of the modest area of ​​the apartment, the cooking area is divided into two symmetrical kitchen shelves. A cooking shelf and a shelf for preparing food.

Before renovation, the apartment does not have its own toilet, must use a public toilet. After the renovation, the apartment has an additional bathroom including a lavabo, a shower and a toilet.

Although the space is small, the apartment still fully meets the functions and living amenities that the family has never had before. Behind the annex is the main living space of the family, which receives the most abundant light from the window.

The living room and dining area share a common floor with L-shaped sofas embracing the dining table inside. Under the sofa, there are also additional storage drawers designed to optimize use.

The private living area is divided into two floors with four different sleeping spaces. The two sleeping spaces below are designed like a cocoon, which fits a single mattress but is private and discreet.

Above the loft are two other sleeping spaces and the daughter’s study corner.

The highlight in the design of the project is the bookshelf on the mezzanine floor with prominent wooden materials on the white wall background. The bookshelf extends from the window to the desk and can hold 300 books.

Daughter’s bedroom with built in wardrobe and large comfortable double bed.

Behind the daughter’s bedroom is another small nook that also fits a single bed.

Layout of the renovated apartment.

(Source: zhihu)