18 wardrobe design ideas

Choosing the right wardrobe design sometimes causes a headache. Because if the storage space is too small, it will not be able to meet the needs of use, which will definitely lead to clutter later.

In addition, the limited area of ​​​​the family sometimes does not allow to be comfortable in choosing the type of wardrobe. Because of those reasons, built-in wardrobes have become the first choice for many families. Here are some helpful suggestions for your immediate reference.

1. With an integrated design, the wardrobe is divided into many small drawers around the window frame. Not only provides an ideal resting and relaxing corner in the room, but this design is also very convenient during use, within reach.

2. Built-in wardrobe uses gray paint in sync with the main color of the bedroom. This way not only helps you remove the feeling of heaviness that often brings, but also keeps the space very relaxed and peaceful.

3. This is a wardrobe design that allows you to make the most of the available space. The main advantage is providing large storage space, keeping a flat surface in the bedroom increases the aesthetic of the room.

4. The wardrobe style is simple but makes you satisfied by the surprisingly large storage space it brings. Users can customize the internal storage areas according to their needs, but the design cost is also very economical and affordable.

5. The wardrobe is cleverly hidden when all 3 doors are covered with surface felt. Not only brings high aesthetics to the room, but also ensures safety during use, very suitable for families with young children.

6. The built-in wardrobe provides users with storage space, while contributing to the impression of the headboard area. This is considered a design trend that will be very “hot” in the coming years.

7. Another built-in wardrobe design is located in the bedside area. With just a few small details and metallic accessories, it helps to increase the aesthetics and appeal of this design a few more.

8. This handy wardrobe design is often used by Vietnamese families in their baby’s room. With the bottom compartment is a storage space for toys, the middle compartment for clothes and the top compartment for pillows. A part of the space will be left empty to make a compact study corner for the baby.

9. For those who love elegant style, this is a suggestion worth paying attention to. From a distance, you will confuse the wardrobe surface with the delicately decorated wall.

10. If the bedroom area is not large, this is the wardrobe design solution you should choose.

11. The built-in wardrobe only exposes the outside of the door with a simple design but not a small attraction. Especially when the cabinet door is painted in blue-gray color, it always brings comfort to the user.

12. Wooden wardrobes combined with latticework are also chosen by many families because they bring a comfortable and pleasant feeling like in a coastal resort.

13. With the best built-in wardrobes, you should choose a color that is similar to the main color of the room. This will bring a better visual effect, reducing the feeling of being narrow and cramped in the bedroom.

14. If you are a lover of the classic style, here is a wardrobe design that will satisfy you.

15. The entire wall is used as a built-in wardrobe. Wardrobe with smooth surface, natural wood grain helps to bring a cozy and comfortable feeling to the room.

16. Instead of using the familiar walls, you can also use the wardrobe as a convenient partition like this.

17. The wardrobe design is simple but extremely prominent when placed in the space using the main black – white color.

18. You can also refer to this built-in wardrobe design for the family. Below are large drawers for storage and the top is upholstered to form a corner to enjoy tea and read books inside the bedroom.